"Comedy is acting out optimism."
- Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

RIP Robin Williams, thanks for the laughs and comfort when I really needed it. Your amazing legacy in film and comedy will live on forever as long as people can laugh. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the Williams family and anyone else who needs a little support.




Yey I finally finished it \o/

You find all of I say here in others thousand tutorials btw, and this happens for a reason :3 I swear I tried my best to explain what I do  I tried to put all what I have in mind while drawing

Again, sorry for any grammar mistake, I hope I made myself understandable :P


the braid thing is like the most useful thing I’ve seen oh god



Hello, dear followers!

Over the last couple of days I’ve gotten a lot of new followers, and I’ve also gotten lots of questions on writing. While I’m trying to get through them all, I figured I would create a little something of a MASTERPOST, so that those with questions that I have already answered in the past can get back to writing as soon as possible :D


Now, if you don’t mind me, I have quite a few answers to get through c; I will see you around, cuties! Oh, and remember, if you want more writerly content, make sure to follow me:!



Vampire doctors that can smell if you have a blood disease.

Werewolf therapy animals for sick kids.

Nature sprite and nymph nurses that always make sure people have pretty flowers to brighten up their white rooms.

Fauns that go around and sing and dance for patients so that they smile.

Nice monster hospitals would be amazing

Let me show you how bad my tablet’s autocorrect is..

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I’m a teenage girl trying to show the internet my crappy autocorrect. I would have said something more interseting, but… this perfectly shows what I am talking about.